What's your favorite antidepressant?

Do any of you all, take an AD and what’s effective for you?

You want to be careful with antidepressants, they can cause PSSD (Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) which can be permanent.

I could do with an antidepressant but I dare not take one. Wish they would give me some ativan instead, not a lot just a few a week.

food its very effective, nothing makes you feel a wide area of taste like it, but lasts only a couple of seconds.

anything else is garbage - and ive tried smoking many times

if you’re doing cardio, it should be good enough. I personally don’t want to take any more pills. How severe is your depression?

I’m hopping for a pill to get me out of this flat effect. I have like 4 different ADs, but today I tried Effexor again and noticed a lift in my mood. I just don’t want it to increase my voices and give me insomnia, which sometimes happens.

maybe you can simply switch medications instead of taking more pills?

Maybe waterway… Just maybe. APs are just so devastating to me. I do need one though, or those voices will drive me insane.

Sorry you’re struggling man. Hopefully the next ap your on will have more tolerable effects.

I don’t know jack about ads

Lexapro is my favorite ad so far and maybe Wellbutrin too I Haven’t been on it long enough to know if I am going to like it or not if it works I will keep taking it. Lexapro I have been on for 12 years and counting and its very effective for me I have zero depression and only a little anxiety while on it.

Never had a positive response to anti-depressants. Perhaps it has to do with being 8x less likely to work for me, according to Maybe if I lowered my antipsychotics or went on a mood stabilizer I would be better off. Who knows?

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in 2000 in hospital they gave me prozac and i took a fit from it, i collapesed and landed on my head, i was rushed from the psychaitric hospital, to the local hospital at the time…i still have the bump on my fore head from it 15 years on…half my face was burised for weeks…no more prozac for me…i am on a different anti depressant now its called seroxat 40mg every morning the past 14 years

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