What's your expertise?

Ahh… now I remember that I studied computer. No wonder that I don’t understand psychology, neuroscience and other fields of expertise.

What’s your expertise? (Talent, skill, etc)

Lil bit of everything but not much of anything at all :smile:

Special education, specifically communication and behavioral disorders.

The Macgyver. 8-D

That emoticon looks like a ■■■■■ :laughing:

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It really is a special education. How would you apply the knowledge?

Oh, I didn’t notice that…

I would get my students to learn how to ask for things instead of beating the living ■■■■ out of their aides. It is a slow process that takes a great deal of patience and a high pain tolerance. I’ve had my shoulder dislocated, my finger broken, a chunk of ankle torn out, and received multiple bites and black eyes. I had to quit for good after a severe concussion, because my doctor won’t cleat me to work in that field again.

I can’t believe that the students learn proper communication and behavior by using the lecturer as experiments.

These are extremely severe cases of kids who can’t live at home because they’re a danger to themselves or others. The only way to teach them a better way is for someone to get in there with them and display extreme nonviolence and patience. Most of these kids were also severely mentally handicapped, and all of them were either nonverbal or only had echolalia (repeating things they have heard throughout the day) so trying to just reason with them wasn’t really an option.

Also, most of the kids were more self-injurious than aggressive. I got most of my injuries by just getting in the way when they were trying to hurt themselves. I had a student who constantly needed his wrists wrapped in hockey tape so he wouldn’t bleed out when he bit himself. He had scar tissue all the way from his fingertips to his armpits, and his bed was surrounded with gym mats to cover the holes in the wall where he smashed his head through. I had a few kids who had to wear a helmet at all times because they would give themselves TBIs by banging their heads so hard against things. They usually weren’t aiming for us; they were just lashing out because we wouldn’t let them get their favorite form of emotional release.

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Now I see. It is a special education for disabled young children. What a self-sacrificing spirit you have shown.

Yeah, sorry, that’s what special education means in America. Communication break down, I guess.

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I have an AS in lasers and photonics and a BS in electrical engineering.

There was high demand for laser technicians during the height of the Iraq War and it was a very lucrative career for 5 years.

I’ve been unemployed now for 3 years though. I did have a part time stocking job a year ago, but I don’t consider it a “real job”.

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Athletics, particularly fighting, and psychology. I am a bit obsessed with psychology. I started off studying neuroscience, meh it was boring, the drug stuff was cool and the biological psych class was cool but the mouse brains and crap, the years of chemistry, lol NOOOOOO

I like clinical psych, therapy and rehab. I’m sort of experienced in both but I’ve never been to rehab, just outpatient therapy with rehab elements. I sort of detoxed myself from binge drinking when I got on meds. I do research in therapy, my thesis is on a stigma intervention for mental health workers and caregivers of individuals with mental illness.


I enjoy writing music and humour, although I wouldn’t call myself an ‘expert’ in either area.

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computer science - my passion is teaching computers how to write music!



Iike to think I’m a damn fine cook my family agree with me
Yesterday I made. Vietnamese rice noodle soup.
I need to find a new hobby tho because since I’ve quit smoking I’ve put on 9 pounds.
Maybe like running or something

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I’m a psychologist. I have been doing assessment and education. I don’t know if I would do that again in this life.


İ had studied photography at my university;(i used to enter university with 7th deggree and my proffesor was cried when she heared that i m going to leave my school)later that i had go to australia and studied commercial cookery and hospitality tourism.i m also amateur composer.i m also interested with geometry.geometry calm me down when i too much stressed.i m also playing guitar since 20 years