What's your dosage of Xanax?

what’s your dosage of Xanax and what’s its side effect on you?

I do not have SZ, but back when i was suffering from depersonalization & derealization i got prescribed 1mg extended release. I had a very bad habit of taking extra when i had a real crap day, which sometimes resulted in my skin turning pale and would get me nauseous (Overdosing could lead to death so never take more than suggested).

Besides that i never have side-effects of any Benzo.

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Im prescribed 1mg 3x a day, every 6 hours, but I usually take one every 8 hours instead. Its finals week and Ive been taking it 3x a day. I took one two hours ago and will take another one at noon, probably nap in the afternoon and then study this evening. It doesnt make me sedated. Im a nervous wreck without it. I need it to feel and think normally. Basically zero side effects, just the intended effects. When I first started 1mg twice a day i was practically narcoleptic, that quit after a couple of days. Now I wake up and once I come to and reality hits me, i am anxious as hell and immediately pop a xanax. Within an hour after that I am able to be logical and rational and not worry about anything and everything.

I mean I worry about the most trivial stupid things without xanax. I am diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, its so strong that my docs had to talk to eachother to figure out if I didnt just have an anxiety disorder with psychotic features. They decided that because I was not experiencing schizophrenic symptoms due to antipsychotics but was still anxious, I have two separate disorders.

Im having a rough day, I woke up at 2am wide awake, panicked, chugged a couple of beers hoping to go back to sleep, then immediately told myself i wasnt a user anymore and made myself vomit the beer back up. Im having a big cup of coffee now.

I have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night when I am anxious, it just had to happen today, I have a final today and two tomorrow morning. I will take the final today and immediately try to study for the next two, but I usually get sleepy regardless of coffee after being awake for 12 hours.

Sorry to rant. Im up ■■■■ creek and im paddling agaisnt a strong current of fresh diarrhea. But tomorrow at noon I have to hand in my last final, then I can do whatever the phuck I want!

Anime and powerlifting all day every day! Oh and two summer classes with labs start June 2nd, yay.

But to be more helpful and not just talk about finals and ■■■■ creek, Xanax has been a miracle for me. No sexual dysfunction, no falling sleep, just relief from suffering. If you can get a script for it, get it. Klonopin is similar but lasts like 12 hours, i think Xanax is a little more effective and has higher abuse potential. People are known to use xanax as a recreational drug if they dont have an anxiety disorder, and they pay 6 dollars for 2mg bars of it. Apparently it makes people feel drunk but they can still operate machinery. I’ve seen kids crush xanax up and snort it. I’ve had tons of people who knew I was on it offer me tons of money for it. I was like “■■■■ you Im insane you just want to get high”


**I was on xanax many moons ago for anxiety. I was on it for about 8 months and then wanted to get off of it. It did work for me,but it was extemely addicting. It took me 3 months to wean off. I remember being a little shaky at times and sweating. **

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Dude,your extremely fortunate to function at such a high level,makes me wanna ask for Xanax daily because I am very worrying person
Once a friend asked me"why do you look worried the whole day"?
I told him i worry even about the smallest thing,I know it isn’t normal