What's your diagnosis today?

in the past 2 years, I’ve had double vision (a mini stroke), and have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and this week, most recently psychiatric disorder unspecified (I think just because we were going over the psychoitic symptoms I used to have)

I used to have continuous ‘delusions of reference’ so for example, if I saw a bush - arbor vitae, my brain would tell me George Bush, or even my own bush - funny, I like to share that one, makes me laugh :slight_smile:

I’m told these delusions of reference are more from bi polar disorder. but I have had my incidence of paranoia and seeing messages out there just for me, but that has ended.

anybody out there like me?

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my diagnosis is crazy with just a hint of sugar.
take care

p.s i think the bush on the left should have run the country not the one on the right, just a thought !?!


I been schizoaffective, but i dont believe in that diagnosis. I also believe i have psychotic disorder NOS. and about your delusional reference i have gone through the same think.
One question to you if you would answer it… Are you on low dose and how well you do. I am on 1.75mg risperdone and i am doing much better than i was on 2mg. I think i can reduce to 1.5

As an older child, my diagnosis was Anxiety NOS (Not Otherwise Specified) As a young adult - first time diagnosis, it was Schizophrenia for a while - later for a while it was Bipolar Disorder - For the last several years or so (my current DX is Schizoaffective disorder - bipolar type. I personally believe to be suffering with 2 separate illnesses: Schizophrenia and Bipolar combined, because the bipolar aspect to my condition is just too pronounced

The Bush nightmare.

I found Bush in the Bible.

The results were amazing. Click on each of the little speakers with the three colors for audio guidance and assitance.


When I was young I was ADD, ADHD with OCD with a hyperactive imagination and psychotic breaks. Then after the house fire at 14, I was PTSD.

A year or two after that my label changed to Schizoaffective Disorder. Then at 17 my label changed to Undifferentiated Schizophrenia.

I’ve fought this for many years and then gave up and got med compliant and went to therapy and tried to do what people have asked me to do.

So now when I talk, the Doc has been leaning forward saying… Hummm… interesting. Then he hands me information on bipolar and schizoaffective and ADHD.

Which has me leaning forward saying … Hummm… interesting. I have a feeling that soon my label will change again.

What ever happens, my meds still work, so I don’t really care what’s it’s called.

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the first thing that popped in to my head was ‘barrel rider’ from the new hobbit film haha idk why it just popped in to my head but i have been diagnosed with para schiz which is probably an out of date diagnosis for me at this time but i dont really care about changing it lol

just for the sake of it i think i’ll try and post that clip from the hobbit as it is sooo goooodddd lol

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I am not on any medication right now. I got a dx of psychotic disorder not otherwise specified this week, but I think it’s just because of the george bush story, i was trying to describe what psychosis was to me, but its not actually happening now, I’m just recalling how it was, but I got tagged with something anyway

ok daydreamer, clue me in, how did you get from george bush, arbor vitaes to a scene called Barrel Rider?

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lol, sorry i just thought as we were talking about diagnosises that a diagnosis was a form of title and i remembered this scene from the hobbit when they were talking about titles like ‘barrel rider’ and ‘luck wearer’
etc and it made me feel good so i posted the link lol.

think im psz but the doctors never told me. they told my mother tho! and she said they said it was sz

ive been diagnosed with PSZ since i was 14. im 28 going on 29 now

I don’t know you that well.You seem alright to me.

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