What's your alter ego?

What sort of books do you like? Check as many as you like :smiley:

[poll type=multiple]

  • respectable romance
  • guilty pleasure romance
  • western
  • plausible sci fi
  • implausible sic fi
  • western
  • crime
  • true crime
  • non fiction

This is what it looks like (I changed the poll part on the bottom so it would let me put it on here.)

My super hero alter ego is pretty much a given.

Okay, I think it’s that you have western in there twice. I got the same error, removed one, and it worked.

Non fiction. Fiction is for noobs :stuck_out_tongue:

My alter ego is a ninja.

Actually one of my friends calls me Ninja. I talked her in 3rd person as Ninja. :blush:

There we go. I think I just had too many options.
Thank you :smile:

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Now no one can stop you and your khalasar!

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You get it? I think I told everyone when I first got on but I didn’t think any of the new people would get it!

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Tony stark seems pretty cool…

Anyone can be tony stark if the figure out how to create an artificial intelligence… oh and we need an arc reactor… that’s a bit more far fetched…

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