What's your ability to cope like?

I’m ok when I’m in my comfort zone but as soon as anything out of that happens it stresses me out a lot more than it should.

I wonder is it down to abilify? Maybe I’d be able to adapt to stress better on another med. I’m going to try Rexulti when it becomes available in Europe next year.


Rexulti or brexpiprazole sounds like ariprprazole.

Yes, it’s supposed to be abilify’s successor.

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I feel like its abilify.

I’ve had two actual panic attacks since I started abilify just a month and a half ago.

My ability to stave it off has gone and I’m anxious all the time.

Maybe its the same for you.

I know you feel like the benzos don’t help and neither do I.

It could just be our medication,

Maybe we just need a little change,

Because I feel like it is helping,

Just the side effects are pretty shitty.

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I should mention that I rarely have panic attacks, like once a year, maybe.

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know that jesus saved us and we are going to live forever OK

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That’s very much the case with me too. Within that zone I might appear to be quite functional, but it’s a rather a narrow zone.

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Yes that is me when I am not on some kind of anti anxiety med. anything outside of my comfort zone no matter how small can send me reeling.

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Abilify made me more anxious. It did do some good things for me, but they eventually had to take me off it. I was drinking at the time, and I had a tendency to get out of control when I drank on Abilify.

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