What's you listening too/watching in the background?

Right now I’m listening Past Masters 2 from the Beatles currently on Revolution.What about you? Do you have anything playing in the background music, video…anything?

Working on a new dance mix. Haven’t done one in a few weeks and I felt the need to hit the mixing board and blow out some cobwebs. Currently stitching together LMFAO, Pitbull, and Adam Levine.


3 3 3 3 , 3 3 3 3 , 3 3 3 3 , 3 3 3 3

“We already told you though, did you forget? We already showed you the significance of it for us, it simply has to do with the mathematics of the human being, thats all it is. Yeah, we love ourselves immensely and all that we are. And if we have to employ the services of you know who we are ■■■■■■■ going to and we always will.” They say in my head and for some reason never shutup.

“You have to employ their services? Really? I think not, if you have to do something and don’t want to you have a frown, get frustrated, things like that. Thats not what happens with you. It’s like a drug dealer saying he has to do it and there was no other option but he just buys rims for his new unnessecary escalade, hell he doesn’t even look to leave it behind, he loves it deep down.” I say to them in retort.

“But we had no option. We had to work with them, can’t blame us for that can you?” They say.

“You didn’t need another option, it fit perfectly. Someone forced to do something doesn’t act that way, even if you were forced what did you do with it? Nothing at all, just rob and enslave eachother. Not only were you not forced but were happy with it you also ■■■■■■ it up beyond what you were “forced” to do.” I say.

“True. We just don’t give a ■■■■ to be honest. You are correct. It’s an old lie of the heartless.” They say.

I’m listening to this small family in their pool in their backyard with the mom and dad laughing at what sounds like a dumbass teenager who just learned the f bomb word and is really embarrassingly obnoxious. The kid takes after the mother. It’s 2:19 AM and they wont shut up.

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Roger Miller, “King of The Road”.

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The wind blowing through the leaves of the trees in the forest…

while I take deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breaths in my attempt to calm an attack of anxiety caused by early morning plumbing problems (what a freaking way to start the day!!!) Deeeeeeeep breaths…yeah what an efficient way to control a severe anxiety disorder! But as my practitioner says “this is something you may have to just deal with”

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i had neighbours from hell who drank with their mates right through the night, but, then i punished them for 3 years, they used to avoid me like the plague.
they thought i was unhinged !?!..little old me…no…i am quite sane…lol
take care

My roommate is watching “America’s Cutest Cat”.

That’s on in the background here too

I love that song! I was just listening to the whole cd a few hours ago

Listening to the Grudge soundtrack. Very eerie music I love soundtracks, a lot of times when I don’t want to watch a movie I’ll sit and listen to the soundtrack instead, then I can either play the movie in my head or come up with something completely different…but that’s just me.

Listening to the fan. My ears are clogged up - the sound comes in in sections.

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I like white & pink noise most of the time. This one is ok - http://simplynoise.com/
But a much better one has train, plane, rain, and other tracks to go along with it. I have this one on Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tmsoft.whitenoise.lite