What's you eating today? ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿ• ๐ŸŸ

Iโ€™ve had a scotch egg and itโ€™s chicken for dinner :poultry_leg:

yum yum

pork chop and eggs for breaky :smiley:

had a cheese sandwhich, and a cup of coffee for breakfast.

So far, just coffee. :coffee:
Itโ€™s still to early for food.

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hotpot in summer

Just got back from picking up some beer and KFC 18 piece chicken, 2 medium salads, and large fries.

The outside humidity is at 94%, and weather report said the temperature was to feel like 104 degrees due to this humidity. Anyhow, my total walk to pick up the stuff was 4.4 kilometers. My face, once I got home, was dripping wet non stop.

Had a bowl of rice with butter for breakfast. Ohm and of course COFFEE :smiley:

I had a big salad with giant beans in it.

Weetabix for breakfast. My sis came over so I made bacon and sausage baps for us. I just made a smoothie.

Iโ€™m full so I donโ€™t know if I will have dinner tonight.

I just had a braai (bbq) with lamb chops, beef suasage and bread rolls with tomato and onion sauceโ€ฆmmmmm delicious

Dr. Oekters frozen vegetarian pizza.

I eat low fat plant based and havenโ€™t gained a single pound in weight since starting olanzapine 5mg a month ago. Still my slim self.

Crow and humble pie. Undoubtedly, Iโ€™ll also eat my words.
This day is just eating me alive.

my dinner was horrible, it was a ready meal but it was not cooking properly so i binned it so i had to get some veg pakora from the indian take away.


big seasoned chicken salad, with a pickle and red grapes. Then all my meds and supplements. Now Iโ€™m tired. But weโ€™re going to the park.