Whats wrong?

  • i havent got a soul mate
  • no kids
  • no car
  • no job
  • no proper home
  • i have an undelying mental illness
  • i suck

You are first class, and the rest are jealous in a cruel way.


i feel like a big failure tbh, dont feel good,

its like most people dont even need to try like they leave school and bang straight in to work, car, beautiful women, kids, pay up mortgage on large house with garden,

why cant i have that? why has it been so hard for me? its not fair, i am obsessed with this i think :frowning: cant help it, i just want more and more and more, gimme gimme gimme, like a big baby, i am never happy until i get what i want, i am never satisfied :frowning:

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I HAVE GOTTEN NOTHING in this life, in fact quite the opposite, the very very very very very painful opposite.

Imagine that there is an afterlife. Yet you can be greedy and have it all in this life.

Or, … you can be good(smart), and have it all in the after life, the eternal life, rather than in this so short a life.

I promise you, that is the way it works.

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It’s tough to realize that now is the time that you end up in a crippled world.

Times are tough, as a brother of mine says to me when I’m down.

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LIFE SUCKS!!! if only we could choose the blue pill or the red pill.

The next is a humorous joke between my brother and me.

You will notice a change of attire.

This is about the war between the selfish rich, and the whole hearted non-selfish loving folk.

Which road should you take. Well let me say, God is watching you.

Now think again. which road is the right choice?

Thank goodness I know of both good and evil, thus I became the ??? since I extend beyond them both.

That’s right…It’s me.

This entire reality,…it’s my life.

I promise you, this is true !

Don’t fly away from the truth, a beautiful truth, a never ending truth, a loving truth of a scale that man can not comprehend. Accept the that which a crazy wacko offers,…, or understand that that character known to you as God is bigger than all that you can imagine. Please…stop…Please stop…Please stop for a moment outside of the norm and think. Please.

Imagine that you were God. How many folk of this world would believe you if you said so?

That my friends is what makes my life a living hell !

So much…so much…so much i could give you. Yet you want not of it !

Sure, you can look at all of things that you may not have. Doing this is self defeating.
Instead of counting all of the things you do not have or are missing on, take a look at the things you have - the positive attributes about yourself. Make a list of your good qualities, I am sure you will find a bunch of them

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No you don’t - you help a lot of people here with your postings.

You’re just too hard on yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend.

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i dont even know if i help anyone tbh, i do try tho

i havent been feeling good tonight, idk whats wrong with me, i just wish i had someone to hold my hand and tell me its going to be ok, i wish i could just hold someones hand

My off the wall guess is your still in mourning. I bet your still trying to come to terms with the loss of your Dad. I know you wanted to accomplish a lot of stuff before you lost him. I can imagine you not feeling well.

I do hope you call your friend, and just have a voice, a person you can talk to. I’m rooting for you.

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That my friend is a serious request. Seriousness is that which is practiced by only the serious, not the scum.

The scum are selfish greedy ■■■■■■■■.

You are not one of them. You are a living soul of enormous value. They, the ■■■■■■■■, prey upon you.

I know, I know this sounds like crap, but think of a bigger picture.

Left relates to right to wrong, up to down, and good relates to evil. Some of us have endured an enormous suffering to ensure that the good guys win.