What's wrong with some salespeople?

Today took a walk to local shopping center went to 1 shop and a lady salesperson murmured something under her breath, I know it was something disrespectful. All thru my time there I knew she viewed me negatively. I went to another shop and none of the salespeople greeted me. Felt really unliked, don’t understand I’m a pretty good customer. Think people can read my intrusive thoughts. Am I on TV or am I broadcasted on radio?

No you aren’t on television and you’re not broadcast on the radio.

Are you seeing a doctor? Do you take medication?

Had people in the past yell and swear at me from their car and a group of girls yell at me and calling me a whore. I don’t even know who these people are. Made me feel real hated and unpopular.

Do you think there might be a chance you are awfulizing about these sales people? If they don’t like you, screw them. Next time you buy something buy it from their competitor. If it’s too bad you might contact the manager of the store. To me, it sounds very unprofessional for sales people to be acting that way towards a good customer. I think you might be exagerating the hostility of these sales people. It’s easy to upset yourself in these situations when they’re not really that serious.

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Thanks crimby,
Maybe I’m taking this too seriously but it made me feel really unwelcomed. My sister had trouble with sales people and complained to their manager. In the past had a good report with sales people they would greet me and recommend things to purchase. Loved Coach, they were so nice there. Went to one trunk show there, had a lot of fun.

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