What's up!?!?

Started new antidepressants several weeks ago in addition to antipsychotics and today… I feel different… I laughed to something funny in my book, I actually am reading… Hadn’t been able to that in over a year… Singing along to my music… And most amazingly I feel… At peace?? My head is quiet? Clear yet focused in the now… I can’t describe it but I feel… Good
Is this what people normally feel like?


good for you. I used to love to read. You’d never see me without a book.

just waiting for Phil

and smoke 'em if you got 'em.

good tune, by the way.

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what a fun video, thanks for the share.

Discovered the song a year ago in the show sense8, definitely recommend the show

Edit maybe not… Might be a sensitive topic with some on this site

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