What's up? How's it going?

I stopped Gabapentin and immediately got better. It made me talk to myself. :confused:

I think I will stick with 0.5 mg Ativan once at night for now because it is working.
I wish I can take more Ll Theanine, but it is already 900 mg a day.

I went and saw my family doctor, she prescribed me iron but could not tell why I have the deficiency.
I told her maybe because I don’t eat well at all. There is no other reason.

Other than that, I am excited to travel tomorrow early morning.
I prepared my luggage and got my stuff! Yay! I will continue working from there in the mornings, but I think it will be fun.

Now I only have to clean my apartment, the litter. My friend will feed my cat for 5 days while we are gone :slight_smile:


I went for my injection this morning and decided to take a day off, I found a hammer in the parking lot by the Pdocs place, I took it cause I thought someone could use it to smash car windows in.

Now I’m just having tea, and resting, next week have to get my butt in gear and make some money.

Maybe I will clean house a bit

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I am still seeing shadow people and hearing whispers. But its ok. I cleaned the apartment today a bit hopefully my inlaws leave me alone tonight. My partner got some money today a partial paycheck…

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I’ve slept till 15, then I went to the doctor with my father and my grandma for her flu vaccine.
My father asked the GP if there were meds to cure the dementia and I answered that it was not possible because there were cerebral atrophy and leukoaraiosis; and the GP asked me if I was getting a degree in medicine lol. :slight_smile:


You are funny and intelligent @zeno !


I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Have fun on your trip! :slightly_smiling_face:

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