What's up guys?

Do u go to the beach often? do you got a colorful towel?

I remember the episode in sinfeld… jerry’s parents are from florida and they wanna sell raincoats…

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Yes I go to the beach often. No don’t have a colorful towel

Another good comedy if you get it where you live is Everybody Loves Raymond

Then what type of towel do u have?? :slight_smile:

Yea we had it a few years ago… I remember it fondly :slight_smile:
The brother was always funny…! and debra is hot

Just a regular towel

Oh I see… :slight_smile:
A warrior princess should have a towel to match

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Maybe like a chainmail towel or something…

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Lol yep that’s what I need.

There ya go I hope it’s big enough

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That’s cool I need one

It’s got durability, smoothness AND multifunction!

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What is it? A purse made from metal?

whats up yaya im hungry now

I guess it’s like to clean dishes with…

Hey man whats good

@Jonnybegood. What ya’ doing? Did you go to a meeting today?

We’re in the same time zone I think. Est right?

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Hey Loke… do you ever hike?

hey @YayaC I was just cooking. I feel good after going to IOP

@loke yeah im EST I live less than an hour from new York city. no meeting yet I just had IOP though