What's up folks?

@Samp @Sarad @Nomad

Had some messages from you guys.

I have successfully moved and was getting settled throughout the break.

Been missing you all quite a bit over the last few days so I started lurking and now I guess I’m back.

That was a stressful endeavor. I do have one new tactic I’ve found that has been pretty consistent in throwing off the voices. Instead of focusing on the words or statements… I like trying to focus on the single syllables… The very first ones they throw at me… and then try to linger on how that exact syllable sounded in my mind… try to get the voices to repeat it and focus on how the sound forms.

My voices have been doing this “approximate entry” thing for a while… where they throw out a word and my mind starts building their sentences for them… based on a lot of psychological mumbo… this circumvents that a bit and it’s my sign to them that I’m not going to entertain their talk… and it does work really well to confuse them… It works with all of my voices…

The visual ones are a different thing… It only sucks when they pair up with someone I’m annoyed with… but really those “faces” I see in my head are just abstract shapes… it’s my mind that interprets them as a images and seeing through it isn’t that tough when I’m in the right state of mind.

So yeah… I’ll be around. I found basically zero human connection down here… This site gave me something to sort of live around.

(3+ days without coffee whoo!) My road anxiety seems to be plummeting… but grrrrr the flavor is a hard thing to compensate for… changes the palette…

Up next are the cigs (and hopefully for the last time.)

It’s cool seeing that you all care! Really you all been good to me. See you all around.


Its good to to see u @Azley… what are u upto…


Thanks for checking in and letting us know how you’re doing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Still no meds huh Bryan?

You know i always cared…even when i don’t seem to.
I finished my master thesis. It was quite turbulent month and I was very anxious, simultaneously depressed and euphoric. Im not really good with multitasking…

I hope you’ll find some peace.

Oh and here’s a movie for you. What if we could use our brain in full capacity?


good to see you’re around @azley


Hope you are well buddy. Hey, do you ever listen to podcasts? I listen to them while I work and it helps distract me…

You should move up to Minneapolis :tada:

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I’m good bro. I’ve tried finding good podcasts in the past… Some were alright. Comedy bang bang and the Halo podcast were good.

Glad to hear from you. Glad you’re working again.

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