Whats this mean from a guy?

Me: i hope you liked me. I know im a little overweight due to the meds i take.
Him: Ur cool. I wasnt expecting to wanna marry you lol

Whats this mean? I initially took it as if he liked me but then i started thinking and though maybe he was saying he wasnt expecting much from me.

Sounds like he wants strictly a sexual relationship…I know you say this isn’t what you’re looking for

Sorry :disappointed_relieved:

But I’m not the gay expert

Ask @Samp
Lol sorry Sampz


He says he wants a relationship. I guess i interpreted it as he wanted to marry me or in other words liked me a lot. I dunno why i interpreted it that way

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We’ll never ever in any relationship approach right off the bat like you wanna marry them.

Marriage commitment comes with time, and trust, and bonding. Good luck

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I think he’s just saying that he wasn’t expecting to want to marry you right away, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Geez, well done on meeting someone!


I think he was saying that kind of commitment was a long way off in this relationship. He might want to play the field. If that’s the case, you have to decide if this relationship is worth it. If he gets angry when you date around he is probably too jealous and possessive.

it sounds like he just wants to play around for a while… perhaps a long while… he might just not be the kind to have faith in the “this is for life” principle…

so man… use it, take it, be entertained… keep your heart guarded and mind/eyes open for other options that may be more serious…

don’t try to win his heart or he’ll just take control… if he’s falls for you then he should be able to express it. Don’t wait for it and if he doesn’t say it and you feel done messing around and something better comes along… jump trains or whatever…

take care man… I base all this on absolutely nothing. just stuff to consider.

I don’t know… It sounds rude to me honestly… He didn’t havta say that that way. I wouldn’t say that to a date. If im not marriage minded I’ll express that but i wouldn’t say its because of her weight. Sounds like a shallow statement. How old is this guy? Im thinking he’s youngeryounger…
But maybe im misunderstanding too

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it sounds to me that it means he doesn’t want to get too serious right away and his way of telling you this is just to make a silly joke. You could take at face value and take it as a joke. He might mean that you are taking things too fast.

Me: i hope you liked me. I know im a little overweight due to the meds i take.
I focused on what you said. No offense whatsoever! But, you basically said, "you probably don’t like me because I’m not that likeable. I know I’m fat. I’ll say it for you. And I’ll understand if you’re not interested in me at all."
To me, it doesn’t even matter how he responded after you sabotaged yourself like that. I certainly don’t want to sound harsh towards you. I’ve been there and done that myself. But I read that and think that’s what’s wrong in that exchange. Put your best self forward. And wait for him to be the jerk who says he doesn’t like you and thinks you’re chubby. The truth is, he would be a jerk if he said that. If he’s a good guy, he won’t say that and you can have an honest exchange about whether either of you is interested in a relationship. :heart:️