What's the worst

So poo, skunks, death, vomit, and body odor are the culprits on this thread. I’m calling my lawyer. You may have heard of him? Pepe Le Sue.



:rofl: That’s so cute :skunk: I think you might need to. Pepe le Sue must be one hell of a lawyer. :thinking::face_with_monocle:

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I can think of a couple. For one of them I was doing a temporary job out of a drug and alcohol treatment house. Sometimes we worked in the afternoon instead of having group. For one job they took us to some kind of soy bean meal place. The place had all these pipes easily big enough for a man to enter, and at the bottom of these pipes was a sludge of rotting soy bean meal about a foot deep, and it smelled horrible. Any kind of rotting protein smells horrible. At first this guy and I just sprayed water into the pipe and washed the soy bean meal out like that. However, there were a lot of places where the caked soy bean meal on the bottom of the pipe blocked the meal from getting out. We sprayed and sprayed with no success. Finally, since I had at last gone nose blind to the horrible smell, I climbed into the pipe with a shovel, and knocked the caked soy bean meal like that. We spent about eight or nine hours doing that - for minimum wage. Later, when I smelled the clothes I wore in that godawful place, I realized I’d never be able to wear those clothes again. A good pair of jeans and a good pair of boots were among the clothes that I had ruined. We should have held out for higher wages.

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