What's the worst your OCD has been?

Nano? As in nanotechnology?

Have you been diagnosed? Cognitive behavioural therapy can be very helpful with compulsions.

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Yeah I have been. And yep I try to do cbt for it.
I find if my stress is low or I don’t have any pressing things coming up I do it less.

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I used to obsessively check the baseboard heater as a kid. And the taps lol. I even broke the tap knob I turned it too much too many times

I dont think so. At least I hope not idk I doubt its adult onset


This could be part of SZ, @zwolfgang. Some peeps on here have “inappropriate” reactions to things, like laughing at something sad or crying out of place.

I think they used to classify this as a disorganized symptom.

I too get this, and it’s pretty distressing… Makes me feel evil for smiling at inappropriate times.

Hope you get some answers from a doc soon :sunny:

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Thats interesting @Schztuna that sounds like what it could be

Ikr it makes me feel like a piece of sht all the time. Ill talk to my pdoc about it, thank you :slight_smile:

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I have inappropriate responses at times too @zwolfgang

When I’m really sad I usually smile