What's the world famous for?

As above ladies and gentlemen.

It contains Cameroon.


For humans lol I am too original haha

Wanna hear something profound my old mate used to say?

‘The problem with the world is the world is the problem’

Deep stuff man :joy:

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As of right now Covid and pizza, separately of course.

The Seven Seas

I feel like I’m on Family Feud with these threads :joy:

What did the survey say??

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“SURVEY SAYS”:. Socks, #1 answer.

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For being round.




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For lots and lots of poop

For wars :boom: 1555

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Farts. Just farts.

Laughter, it doesn’t happen anywhere else that we can prove, yet atleast.

Intelligent beings

spinning around at 367 miles an hour…I made that up…I have no idea what the speed is…

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On the bad side - People messing up the environment and starting wars

On the good side - beautiful nature and plants and animals

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