Whats the weirdest thing you've hallucinated

Donald Trump with normal hair.
It will never happen though.


My exboyfriend’s face desintegrating. I was on drugs though. But it was the weirdest

one time I think a veteran was possessing me because I would here him all the time complaining about my lame life. It was very annoying. He would get really scared of me when I smoked and acted like a little brother always following me around in my business annoying me.

it was was like watching a long boring movie that you refuse to stop watching for whatever reason. sometimes it feels like that when people talk to me too when I don’t respond. like i’m just waiting for it to finally end no matter how long it takes. I think they call it poverty of speech. I’ll be still trying to think about how to answer the first question but they all ready asked about 5 more and I can’t even

Death signalling me to slow down immediately before a major car crash round the corner on the motorway

After three days with no sleep at night I saw 4 shadow men roll out a neon green grid on the road and then the trees started to ooze around and melt. No acid involved.

I once saw a green tiger in my bedroom. He was just standing there, totally chill. And one time, a vampire was right outside my car window when I pulled into the driveway. I had Mr. star chase it away, and it flew around the yard and turned into my light post.

Mr. Star once had a hallucination when he hadn’t slept for three days. A bright red stick figure walked across the road, and he immediately pulled over and decided it was time for a nap.

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The weirdest thing I ever saw, I was running on barely any sleep, I was walking down the road and saw this big bizarre cartoon-like clown creature peek out from behind a mailbox grinning. I only saw it for a second but I was like ohh man

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