Whats the weirdest thing you've hallucinated

For me peoples faces morphing into strange creatures is probably the weirdest

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A portal suddenly opened in the middle of the room, and no matter how far I walked toward it, I could never get any closer.

I think I wound up bumping into the wall eventually.


I traveled in New Mexico in 1999 and I hallucinated that I was one who knew who would win the US Presidential election in 2000, I knew whose face was on the front page of newspapers as a winner of the election. One of my weird hallucinations.

One weird hallucination was in Dec 1999. My former US spouse had left and then I got a strange ‘brainwash call’, after the call my mind was totally messed up. I lived in a 2-story house in Atlanta at the time, and I remember how I crawled upstairs and then in the bed room, the voice came and said ‘watch the mirror, what do you see’, it was dark and in the mirror I just saw the black image of mine, I thought I was a CIA agent. One weird hallucination of mine.

A helicopter hovering in the middle of the street.

You mentioned helicopters, once in Miami Beach on the 4th of July I met a strange person from Columbia, he had come to Miami and he had only a briefcase with him and since coming from the Miami International Airport, he had thought that helicopters were after him, it was his delusion, he really thought that helicopters chased him, later I saw him sleeping on the beach with his briefcase. Strange person.

It was about 3:00 am, and I heard this super loud Indian war cry. It was nothing like a coyote. It changed in inflection and volume, and lasted about five seconds. Very creepy sounding. I was in a place where about twelve people were sleeping, and if any of those people had heard it they would have woken up.

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That I was gonna be the next president of the United States, and all the people around me(those in the program I was in) were secret service agents there for my protection. Also that the CIA could give me orders directly through my light fixtures. I even went out and changed the light bulbs to black lights to make it seem more “official”

I had audios of songs from tv shows i used to watch on pbs as a kid. So I would be hearing songs from arthur and clifford the big red dog while I was doing something totally unrelated.

“And I say Hey! What a wonderful kind of day…”

This lasted only a couple days/weeks before the meds took it away. I haven’t had those hallucinations.

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I was sitting out on the balcony at my parents house having a cigarette and I say this gigantic black headed and glittery bodied lizard, like the shape of an iguana but different colours, walk up slowly along the balcony and sit down at the opposite end of the table to me. It just sat there like it was company for me, didn’t talk or anything.

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Have you ever seen Cheech and Chong where Bruno Hockaluugi wrestles the invisible man in the ring? I had some kind of systolic reaction to my meds and felt like I had a laser been pointed at me from a nasa space shuttle that could cause bodily harm. I was pacing back and forth begging for it to stop and afraid the radiation was going to melt my internals. The damn thing almost caused me to jump off my balcony which would have not ended well. I still don’t know what that was. In bed, out of bed,twist and contort, hold your position. Keep your head from spinning. It was like Richard Simmons on bad acid, it’s happened to me twice over the years too.

one was a little pudgy robotic dog on the top shelf next to my bed.Then another time I saw an alien coming through the window with a gun I see weird stuff all the time actually with the gremlins and things like that.

I was driving to work first thing in the morning, I was by myself and passed a local cemetery.

Across this cemetery there is this bus stop.
I looked over and saw 2 ghosts - strange looking women that were oddly posed, one was very tall and just stood there by the road with her head bent forward looking at the ground, with her arms and hands set in front of her joined together.

Another apparition - woman was sitting on a bench by the road - she was sitting still and seemed to have no facial features.

These ghosts were dressed bizarrely - both of them were dressed in what seemed to be pilgrim type outfits, complete with female pilgrim bonnets.

They seemed unreal to me yet at the same time seemed very real.

I started driving away from them and when I looked at my rear view mirror, I started to see flashes of bright colored swirls.

I finally stopped at a red light and I saw one of the tall ghosts walk up to my car and then she suddenly disappeared.

It was a very mind blowing bizarre experience.
This was the grandest hallucination I ever experienced.

What a trip

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Minotaurs and they say they’re from Aldebaran.

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it was last night when i was in the dark and on my phone i saw like an old computer character space man climbing up the side of the window, very weird, i think my brain must have been weirded out for some reason


My face scrambling on the tv

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Dancing barefoot with an invisible CIA operative in my kitchen and giving morse code with my toes.
Having Edward Snowden calculate the probabilities that I could be a terrorist threat. While trying to decide if I should be taken out by the government in advance. All this in exchange for his peaceful return to the United States

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Have had plenty of weird ones. Recently seen a disabled version of the Joker for some reason. There’s also a lot of ghosts and weird trippy colors sometimes forming things and sometimes just moving freely( sometimes both). And then also seen this weird 2 legged shadow animal a good few times, although last time I seen it at the corner of my eye and it seems to be taking form.

All these are getting me paranoid that I’ll see something real in the dark it’s scary

I saw a green colored spirit leave my body and move to my ex girlfriends’ body. I thought that she stole my soul.

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