Whats the weak point of voices?

whats the weak point of voices ??
i think you are much older than me and many of us
so i wanna know
whats the weak point of voices ??
if you know more than one weak point … i ll be pleased if you tell us
they (voices) threaten me with what they call “honest voices”

I’m not sure what you mean by “weak point”.

I didn’t really hear voices too often. But I had terrible emotional pain caused by thoughts in my head that did not seem to be my own.

Frequently, in head, I hear: “You’re terrible.” But if I think back carefully, my loving younger sister used to flatter and tease me by saying, “You’re terrible.”

If I can think of the preverbal thought I had before I hear a voice in my head and add that to my understanding of my own personal slang, I can get it that these are my own thoughts in my head.


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Weak point mean
Things that make voices seem fool , very unreal and very stupid
Things that make me don’t believe the voices never and ever
I mean weak points in the voices
Am I clear or you need more clarification???
I hope to be clear
Thank you

Medication was the weak point for my voices.

Back when I still had voices, if I concentrated calmly, I could sometimes change the voices to be nicer.

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We all have weak point
Do voices have weak points ???

they don’t exist, thats their weak point.


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