Whats the warst a concussion can do to you,

one day you hurt your head, it forms a bubble in the brain and many little ones in the cortex years later you find some has total control with in and you and your mind nolonger controls you, a enity has you. this manufasted demon. bubble from the head. has made it self up compleaty from bits and piece of your memory with out you knowing it was there. oddly these bubbles disapate and leave you back in control after it total you hole life and may be others. note to reader this is a theory. all tho we know all kinds of things com from concussions this would explan rampage, cereal, and mass killers behavers.

Drive you mad? Perhaps I lost my mind on the slopes or on the playground both times I had head trauma. If it was just that, fine. They can’t tell where head trauma and mental illness end or begin. Okay fine. Just, why has every MRI I’ve had driven people up the wall.

I’m flashing to a hospital hallway, I’m on the stretcher more awake than they know and this girl (friend) is yelling at me “you f**ing idiot! I’m saving you’re life you moron!” While my calmness wins over the nurse pushing me. I awake in a quiet dark room, there are others but they are asleep. The nurse comes eventually to my side saying “I know what you are” and I’m saying “I’m not sure you do” It goes this way for some time. And I mean I’m not sure YOU do, THEY do, HE does. So they release me.

I awake in a wheelchair supposed to think that all has transpired took place in a scifi novel. I’d hold the line against all comers, all acuser’s…bring em on.

It messes up your spelling and grammar at the very least.