What's the strangest thing you've eaten while being psychotic?

Supplements and pills, rare food mixtures, or drinks that have additives all qualify. Anything gross doesn’t

Chilli marmalade. The first time I became psychotic I didn’t realise I was psychotic and thought the chilli marmalade had been spiked with lsd or something.


That’s quite a combo. Salty and sweet. Is that a real dish or did you combine the two?

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I mostly didn’t eat much at all, what with the concerns over drugging or poisoning

On the bright side lost some weight (gained it back and more thanks to the meds)

Edit: I did have an answer but I’ve forgotten what it was

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Medical products including salves, antibacterial, lotions and contact lenses solution all qualify

One time I ate a crayola crayon because I thought God was telling me to. Makes me sick even thinking about it.

I ate some non-edible berries at the side of the road for some crazy reason. I went to the emergency room and they put me in the psych ward.

well, i wasnt psychotic when i did it, but once during a nervous breakdown i ate grass…

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This is kind of weird and embarrassing, but I’ll go ahead anyway. One time I bought two huge bottles of some type of ginseng. I think it was Korean. I started eating the pills by the hand fulls. I might have gone back and bought more. I don’t remember. I think the bottles had 300 pills a piece. Then I started getting these shooting pains in my head - really bad. So, I went to the grocery store and bought two eleven ounce bottles of garlic powder. I would mix it with water and drink it. I consumed all of both bottles. I could tell that people as far away as a city block could smell me by the way they acted. I took this short cut back to my apartment, and I was confronted by this giant pit bull. He tried to scare me off by charging me, but I think he was afraid to bite me because I smelled so bad. I went to the grocery store and got in line to pay. The line evaporated immediately. I’ve never gotten faster service. Finally I went back to my apartment and waited a couple of days, and everything was fine.