What's the strangest medication combination you've been on?

At one point, I was on a combination of parnate, adderal, klonopin, haldol and topamax. Later on, one psychiatrist told me this was “unheard of”.

I was on very small dose of stelazine with duloxetine added I became very ill and went hospital

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Being prescribed klonopin in the beginning/middle of a potentially deadly drug/alcohol addiction I had.

Wasn’t very smart for the pdoc to give me a 90 pill script, then after a week he took me off it. I had 80 klonopins left to…umm overdose on??

I was also once on klonopin, Wellbutrin, Zyprexa, lithium and lamictal at once

Just thought it was a helluva lot of drugs to be on at once, I really only needed one good one not 5 ones that were kinda bad for me.

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Nothing worse than a bad doctor that can mess with your medication

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Can you describe what The Parnate and Klonopin combo felt like?

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