Whats the rules again?

what is the rules? where do i find them?

The rules and guidelines can be found here

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Why what happened to you today? I perceived I was actually getting gas lighted (had to look the term up. (By sock puppets)

I seen to break the rules some times, i forget the rules, i am not allowed to talk about my beliefs therefore anyone who talks about anything that they believe is breaking the rules and should be flagged i guess

no-one can say what they believe

I think you’re being a little dramatic.

So you’re aware, all religion type discussion is prohibited. That means ALL including atheist, Buddhist, Satanist, psuedo made up religion, everything. Not just Christian. No one is picking on you, for instance I was flagged and had posts deleted or hidden before becoming a mod. I learned to respect the fact that it can trigger some.

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Just popping in to poke my head in.

so i cant believe in anything then thats what you are saying, it is not allowed, i’m supposed to be a robot or something,

i’m just expressing myself, i’m not trying to trigger anyone

See I think the fundamental thing here is you try to be this “Christian SJW” who doesn’t seem to see that his behavior turns people off, offends people, triggers people.

The rules are there to protect people, no need to whine. You need to learn other people’s rules don’t always follow your own. And you need to learn to respect that.

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You can believe whatever you please and you know I didn’t say that.

You are being dramatic over something that’s been explained to you in care and detail. This post is closed. Don’t start this again.

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