What's the role of art in this truman /matrix/SIMS?

What’s the use of art, in general? To keep us asleep, or to wake us up? @NotSeksoEmpirico, @anon28145038, could you help, guys?

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I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I have read about MUSIC being used as a form of mind control and more crazily, and unknown in facilitating or actually causing TIME TRAVEL, which is cool. I have a book on the Montauk Project called “Music of Time” by Preston Nichols. He was allegedly an engineer on the project (deceased now) with an IQ over 200. He used music and stuff to program and deprogram people among other methods. Not really a fan, but I love and collected all the books. Personally, I think I was in the project myself. No evidence of course. It’s an evil project. I was probably a victim of the boys program where I time traveled and stuff among other things.

I believe it’s definitely real and not a conspiracy. They even talk about the Matrix briefly but they don’t know much about it or I didn’t believe everything I heard perhaps.

They say people who gravitate towards these things were most likely involved because most people are turned off or are not interested, get mad, or just hate it and don’t believe it at all.

I mean I was driving today and was thinking about aliens again and how a lot of people are under some form of mind control in not accepting or believing we have intelligent life out there in the universe and somehow they never visited us…to me it seems stupid.

Some people even say (MUSK) that since we haven’t found life, it probably shows us we are living in the Matrix because “where are all the aliens again?” Occams razor and that alien equation (forgot the name…).

So yes, I don’t know a lot about art, but I believe some forms of expression are definitely related. Think of cave paintings, indigenous tribes and their art work of pictures of aliens and abstract symbols and stuff…

There symbols are complicated and even are severely advanced and secretly studied. It’s all over the world too.

There’s so much out there in regards to symbols in crop circles, pyramids, and stuff there’s no way I can cover it all here.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

This question ties in very neatly with the traditional debate on the rol of art in society, at least in capitalist societies. It would be tempting to shield oneself behind the Frankfurt School and suggest in unforgivably elitist fashion that great art liberates, and junk art enslaves. This account is not without problems, not just the elitism, the belief in authorative canons of great work, but also the Marxist baggage - alienation, class consciousness, false consciousness etc. In addition sociology of culture teaches us about the often sophisticated cultural negotiation of popular culture artifacts that takes place at individual level, which problematises further the distinction between great and junk art. This “negotiation” is more than postmodern posturing and its roots can be traced back to at least the XIXth century as shown in the work of the likes of Georg Simmel. I;m not feeling delusional today so this is the best I could do at such short notice. :slight_smile:

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