Whats the point?


im not great im very confused my voices are louder and paranoia worse. when m online som etimes i think people are making snide comments about me and generaqlly paranoid ive been offered therapy but its taking so long ive even been looking up different religions, hinduism , paganism, etc to see if i can gain some sort of faith i think schizophrenia real;ly is a spiritual emergancy. ahhhh1


Sorry you’re feeling so bad. I know what it’s like to have the faith in yourself drain right out of you. If I had an answer I’d tell you it but I don’t, not yet anyway.


thanks chordy means a lt.


Yeah, you seemed a little out of sorts lately. Treat yourself to a soda and relaxing in a chair. That’s what I do. Hope you feel better soon.


Maybe some soothing music and and your favorite thing to eat. Hope you sleep well and wakeup feeling betterX


I think that too. I think trying to resolve the spiritual element in your life can help to ease symptoms. I feel a lot of guilt from my symptoms, and feel paranoid about being stigmatized. If only I can learn to have some peace in my inner self, I’ll be better off.


It sounds like you need med. adjustments. Sometimes schizophrenia doesnt mix well with religion, especially if you are seeking them for self help.


I don’t know what to tell you beyond we are all rooting for you!


Just relax man. Your gonna be alright. Hopefully your life is stress free. Pretty soon I’m going to have to go back to work but in the last couple weeks I’ve done a shitload of work getting over my anxieties. Change can occur if seek it and allow it. Don’t turn to religion just realize your here and you’re innocent. People don’t take the time of day to talk ■■■■. You’re gonna be alright man. Try relaxing for 5 minutes and clearing your mind. Do it again and again it might help you feel better.


thanks everybody woke up today with not much sleep had a fit of rage at something important fell asleep again i fly so high and fall so low,