Whats the point in living an idle life?

Taking high dose horse tranquilizers and being sedated 24/7? I also have to kill my testosterone and high sex drive, get fat gain 170lb get man boobs, to feel closer to normal. Staying in bed 24/7 mostly sleeping. I also have no access to a pdoc so i can’t change meds. My last Dr gave up on me and said there is no help possible for me.


There no point to anyones life disability or not, life is to experience it…

There is no purpose anyone has in life.
Our job as a living human is to just experience it.
If not experience it, observe it until our time comes.

I understand your question. I ask it myself over and over again.


I am suffering to make my parents happy.

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Maybe for you, not for all of us.

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I agree we live in constant suffering.

I think normal people live in constant suffering too based on their socio economic status. Or other issues.

But imagine the poor living working 3 jobs. That’s suffering too. To raise their kids.

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But doesn’t work give us a purpose in life?

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Also having children give us a purpose in life.

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I agree. 。°。°。°。°。°

But i hope you don’t take the option of ending life.


I do? I have ups and downs but there’s no constant suffering. Just some good days mixed wth some shite days.

The thing for some of us is - ups and downs are better than - feeling flat nothing.
Complete apathy which I think I can relate with @aziz.

I also feel like i am suffering for my spouse.

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I can’t experience life and I can’t observe it as I forgot what life is.

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Suffering is experiencing life. I know that sucks.

Im not sure if im making any sense. This is how i been trying to stay alive.

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My mom was the town bike.


Thats sad. On Abilify I had sex addiction, I had sex with stranger sex workers several times a month for 8yrs, I probably had sex with over 100 stranger. I am lucky to not have caught any STDs. I used to feel bad about it but not anymore as I stopped doing that in 2019.

I think it worked out better for me than her being chaste. Wouldn’t have been born.



I’m fat.
I have man boobs.
I also have my own place to live
I have psychosocial rehabilitation.
I have a beautiful woman.
I have a good job and a car.
I have good family connections.
I have a couple friends.
I stay on meds and take care of myself.

It’s not that far away ---- if you want change it takes willpower and forcing yourself to make positive changes in life.
Once you get ‘over the hump’ life’s rewarding again, it’s just a lot of hard work…

Maybe start small, like walking a mile a day?
Drink coffee instead of soda
Find a laid back job
Under stand the most precious things in life is the small things to cherish :slightly_smiling_face: hope this helps

Another thing ---- You and I are probably not much different, if I can get on my feet after the crap I dealt with, so can you :slightly_smiling_face:


You clearly don’t understand what he is going through.

All that I am trying to convey is that he doesn’t have to live that way

Sure, so you’re saying its his choice.