Whats the newest albums you got in the last 2 years?

i got kendrick lamar and j. coles newest albums theyre pretty good. i cant get enough of nas it was written is my favorite album from nas and then stillmatic i bought 4 nas albums oct 2015 . i have basically every tupac cd except 1991 and 1993


I just download music videos from YouTube using an add-on on Firefox. It’s all in mp4 format. No need to pay anything except from the data usage.

Down to the last roach.

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As far as new albums go, I think the only new album I got was Eric Clapton’s latest one.

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Lately I’ve mostly been buying CDs at concerts, like if I like an opening act I’ll buy their CD. Little-known but good bands like Source, and The Browning. I also bought a Blue Felix CD at their headlining concert a year ago, and bought Righteous Vendetta’s new one online a couple months ago. I want to get the new CD from a new band called A Killer’s Confession, but so far I just see it available as a download, might have to go to one of their shows again to get a physical CD. I’d love to go to another one of their shows.

Yeah, I’m a CD guy, don’t care for downloads, especially since my computer’s CD burner no longer works.

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The last album i got was from bullet for my valentine about 7 years ago.

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Cant u guys download from internet…its cheap…

I’m all digital now and over the course of that…like 13 years or so, I’ve only bought like three whole albums. I just download the songs these days but I have always paid for it. I use Itunes. I like the AAC format as it seems pretty good to my ears and I’ve an iphone these days so it’s a pretty easy thing.

Last full album was Arcade Fire. The Suburbs.

I like jazz and and i’m listening to female vocalists on spotify… cant remember the last CD i bought… it was probably rock cos i liked rock when i was psychotic.

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I have a subscription based service so I listen to whatever I want whenever I want for about $10/month.

The last thing I listened to was either Encephalon or Clan of Xymox. That I remember.

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George Ezra Wanted on Voyage