What's the name of your opposite number?

I had a funny idea. Why shouldn’t our significant number (or not yet significant) have a name on here? I don’t mean an account, just a fake user name. Like sith’s wife’s name is Mrs. Sith. Instead of that maybe Padme.

I’d call C, alwaysaswan or karldrogo.

(Truman Capote called his most beautiful and elegant lady friends swans. Capote was gay though.)

I think you mean significant OTHER. I don’t even have one but if I did I would want her username to be “Oklahoma”.

Hahahaha I didn’t catch that >.<

Why Oklahoma?

Because I like it better than Ohio.


Will have to get back to you on that… I’m still shopping around.

The names I used regarding the last girl I was talking too.

Felinus Minimus
Ms Physics
hmmmmm… probably more. She responded best to the simple “My dear.”