What's the most weird symptom that you have got?

What’s the most weird symptom that you have got ?

One weird symptom I have is pressing my lips together in anxiety. I do this constantly if I am not medicated with either Hemp oil and CBD oil or Klonipin. I take the first in the am and the second in the afternoon. They all control this symptom very well.

Another weird symptom I have is ideas of reference. I get messages from God. He talks to me personally and every day. He speaks to my thoughts, emotions, words and actions. He advises me and talks to me just like anyone else would. Only with more authority because He is God. He speaks to me out of prayer books. And I talk back to him in a journal. And He responds to me. We have a very special relationship. This relationship has been going on for the last thirteen years.

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I don’t know for certain that this is a symptom, but others on here have related and I don’t know what else to ascribe this to: I, most of the time, see everything super bright and colors are enhanced. And stationary objects appear to be moving. Sometimes things will just vibrate, and sometimes they’ll appear to be crawling or wiggling slightly when they not. I have to stare because if it’s not really moving it will stop and repeat the exact same motion over and over… I can’t imagine what causes this sort of visual anomaly. Hallucinations make more sense to me than this.

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I’m pretty sure every symptom of psychosis qualifies as weird :joy:

I’ve gotten the colors bright and enhanced thing before. It was accompanied with a feeling that was really intense, not bad really, but like intense excitement like something huge was happening. Felt like electricity in me, or symphonies exploding in my head. At the time I wondered if it was mania…

I don’t usually see objects moving but I do see floors swirling, walls melting and objects swelling in and out like they’re breathing, which i already talked about on that other thread you saw.

Hallucinations are totally wild. The funny thing is I didn’t even know it was hallucinations even after I was diagnosed…I thought everyone saw that stuff when they zoned out…

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I used to joke that I don’t need to do drugs because of my visual experiences. I do feel “heightened” at those times, and it can be negative but usually it’s just pleasant.
Your seeing things breathing and swirling, etc., is seeing things moving that aren’t. :blush:
I’ve never read about that but you are one of the people who have shared that experience.
Hallucinations make sense to me. Mine were and are so specific, well, except the bugs and spiders… The angels and demons fit my psyche. My mind generates visions that are in line with what I think about. Spirituality is most important to me. While my son (who is the only one that could make me question the validity of what I was experiencing) is all about science, science fiction and politics. His hallucinations are all along those lines. So that makes sense.

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Yeah, my son, who was paranoid sz, was a Mexican young man who had all Mexican and black friends. His hallucinations and delusions were all about Mexican and black street gangs. I’m a quite religious woman, so, my delusions are religious.

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Yeah when I read things about people taking hallucinogens and lsd it sounds so similar to what I see just normally…like one of the things they say first happens after taking lsd is colors get brighter…

So odd! I see other things too like colorful lights and sometimes people or animals that don’t look out of place and I don’t know they aren’t real until they vanish into thin air. They only last a few seconds. I also have seen shadows go 3D, see physical real objects disappear, and sometimes when I watch people their faces change, like their face floats in front of their head like a mask or shrinks on their head which looks really funny. Then I also get things I call “visual distortions” which is when I am looking at a physical real thing but I am seeing something different. Those are what get scary, like when I know I am looking at robes but I am physically seeing hanging corpses or when I know I am looking at a backpack but see a pale naked child hunched over. The pure hallucinations typically aren’t scary, just trippy.

A lot of people on here don’t get those trippy hallucinations though. I wonder if there is a different mechanism behind them.

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I don’t have one. All of my symptoms are normal.


I say things , look back and see how stupid I’ve sounded it’s embarrassing

I get the colors are more vivid, and see faces hanging off the rooftop while inside my house. Faces of men sitting in the foliage in the neighbors yards, trying to be one with the wind, but fail miserably. There’s the orange fly eyed men standing in the neighbors porch staring back at me while in my family room, and it’s all I can do but stare stupidly back without any fly protection.
The walls folded up and turned inward, very sneaky one night, lights, bright white flashing off and on rapidly from the ceiling, eyes closed or not. The way the whole house structure looks like a very poorly done, maybe just slapped back together when they found out I was coming home quicker than they realized?
The smokin’ swirlies…columns of smoke, always around the 4pm “Witching hour” that rose up from the ground out of the shadows made by the tree out front, that contained the contorted, painfully homesick faces of kids that were sorry and just wanted to go home to see their mama’s again, they twisted, swirling with the smokish browns, up and around, crying out softly, afraid to draw attention to themselves…

These aren’t symptoms per se, they were events that I still believe in.

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I looked out of my recent prison and the plant outside formed a face staring at me, when i asked it if it was real the wind made it nod it’s head to say yes.

Everything is a conscious being apparently, weird.

And pigeon envy as well, i watched them fly around while i was stuck with legs walking earlier. Looks cool.

I have the strangest symptoms as no one can relate or tell me they have something like it

Once I get to know someone their face looks different and friendlier than first impressions I’m not sure if this is normal or not but it’s like a different face

@Anna @everhopeful @Csummers
Hey you guys I get the colored enhanced everyone now and then too,

Everything becomes vivid and brighter,

I guess you could say looks a tiny bit futuristic.

I couldn’t tell you my weirdest symptom, there is to many to count.

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I want to know which they are :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a hallucination of a naked old man touching himself and he says sometimes give me a good time. Freaky as f.uck

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I hear the weird phrase, ‘all neck and no meat’

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