What's the most common phrase you hear?

Mine is “you have to die”


I hear musical phrases often, I hear literal ones too but I forget them.

In my case it’s not a phrase, it’s a word: “meant”. It gets used in all sorts of unusual ways.

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1)I am gonna beat you up, once you come out.
2) I want your jaw, believe me I saw in my dreams as well, in regards to the my jaw.

First one I am so used to it, that it does not scare me anymore. I even hear it now and then but yeah some times its external.

Wow deja vu while typing thats strange…

my voices like to say alot…You Have No Idea. Its a very deep voice to, ive gotten more used to it over the years but its hard

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I hear a lot of indistinguishable talking. It’s almost loud enough to clearly make out, but faint enough so you can’t pick up on actual words.

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It always used to say the name of the guy I was obsessed about and his partner.

So it was like…

Blaaa And bleee do that like this

Blaaa and bleee would have done this like that

Blaaa and bleee prefer this…

It was such a headache.

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My negative intrusive thought/voice says: “Pull yourself together and die.”

My neutral “voice” says: “Svinehundene formerer sig i afsindige skarer.”

Meaning something like: “The pigdogs breed in insane crowds.”

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My voice also regularly used to want me to evaluate things… Saying ‘what’s that?’

Aswell as

this is real



In a foreign language.

i used to hear, “this is what’s going on” multiple times a day, but it’s stopped recently.

@SeanMac that’s so weird, that is also one of the words I hear repeated. Also the word “lie”, and “you’re a…”

Even as I type this, the morons chip-in

I do too. I hear a lot of gibberish. Its definitely someone or several or many people talking but I can’t make out any recognizable words.

Even when my voices are relatively loud, I still can’t make out any words.

It might be relevant to know that I am very hard of hearing. I don’t see how that can be related.

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My voices often teased me about my habit of masturbation. Didn’t matter if I was doing it or not at that time. I found it hilarious. They also tried to coerce me to do stuff. Most of the time I didn’t listen, I just did as I pleased. I think ignoring voices is the best course of action.


My voice wanted me to participate in a lot of mutual masturbation with him. Was exhausting! And I burnt out.


“I want to kill myself” is most common to me. that and “how much are you worth?”

Always pisses me off when people answer a question with ‘Not Even’ :dizzy_face:

My voices just tell everyone else bad names about me that aren’t true

that FOR REAL…yea thats the one

The most common phrases I hear is something along the lines of “I am real!”, “Told you so!”, “You will never get rid of me!”, “Even if you manage to supress my messages artifically, eventually we shall meet again!”. My voices were always very precise and almost always they were associated with an exact complex character.

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“Even when we don’t talk,
we’re here by your side.”
That’s another phrase
I hear very often.