Whats the most boring delusion you've every had

mine was this chick i met when i was at college, i was a virgin at the time so being naive i got all smitten and luvy duvy, god, it was like the f***king dying swan, it went on for yonks, i couldn’t get her out of my head, what a yawn of tedium that delusion was, she probably put on forty pounds and got twenty kids now, now im forty nine, i’m like yeah whatever, next hot porn star luver

It wasn’t a delusion… but I used to think life outside my head was completely mundane and pointless and beneath me.

wake up… go to work… come home… repeat

But now I know… life outside my head is much easier to handle then living inside my head.

I thought people could see through the door of my room at college.

the chick i met at college could, she looked through the key hole and saw me masturbating to a copy of playboy, I reckon lexi belle would’ve been turned by that

Had one that my step dad was up at the school and they were having a meeting about me cuz I saw his truck up there. I bounced around d my house for hours from fear and excitement I really freaked him out when I asked him wbat they said and then his face his response I knew instantly then that it wasn’t real.

I believed my life was exactly like Citizen Kane.Nothing is more boring than Citizen Kane

Most of my delusions aren’t that boring, and they’re what causes me to go into a panic attack. Sure I’ve had small hallucinations like seeing bugs that weren’t there but then my mind likes to spiral things out of control so bad a simple disillusioned bug can turn into a swarm or an infection pretty quickly if I don’t check myself.

I’ve had a boring hallucination… for a long time out of the corner of my eye I would constantly see a black and white cat just walking around… sometimes floating. It was just a cat… not in a hurry… just hanging out. All the time… it’s gone now.

All of my delusions have been pretty fantastic and entertaining.

Can really isolate the dullest of them.