Whats the minimum and the maximum for an effect from the med in your opinion?

How long it takes for a med to work? A minimum and a maximum in your opinion?
Its been exactly 6 weeks that i raised my med. Yesterday, for 2 hours i was really ok since years but in the evening it was bad again… I wonder if it should take time to work or ill need to raise it even more.
I am on 10 mg of zyprexa.

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Sup anna …give zyprexa 2 or 3 month to work in ur system…i am good with resperidone …i am happy ur are feeling good…

More anti- “psychotic” improvement is seen within the first 2 weeks than in any other 2-week period thereafter, and more improvement is seen in the first month than in the rest of the year of follow-up. This body of data convincingly refutes the notion of “delay” in the onset of antipsychotic action and suggests an “early” onset instead. The implications of this finding for clinical decision-making, mechanisms of antipsychotic action and drug discovery are discussed.

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It takes a month for a med to work. After that it is not worth continuing if you have not experienced an improvement.

Evenings are worse because the daily dose of medication you are taking is slowly exiting your system.

@thedeepestdream but do you think that with the time Ill feel fine even on the evenings or I should raise my med? In my case I clearly have an improvement but it takes time I find, its not in the first month.

Most people who are initially prescribed Seroquel receive 50 mg, bid. The psychiatrist will often ask the patient to return in less than a month, so the delay in antipsychotic onset isn’t taken into account. This is likely to result in the patient being prescribed more Seroquel than the least effective dose.

It is about finding your ideal balance @Anna1. Raising your dose to maximum will slow you down and make you feel more emotionally detached and tired. You will feel like you cannot get things done. However, paranoia and delusions won’t affect you as much. It is trial and error until you are certain it is working for you.

I have sz, Anna. The evening always bring the feelings you mention.

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Ok, thanks. Ill wait now some more time :). But for me there was definitely a difference from the lower dose. I was feeling really bad a hole one year while I now get better only with a small difference in the dose. Ill try to make efforts in the evenings still, yeap.

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Hi @Anna1 Im on 20mg Zyprexa has helped me alot took a couple of months to get used to it.