What's the longest?

What’s the A+E Dept?

Accident and Emergency (ER)


Thanks, @Jimbob

We call it the ER in The States.


No psych ward since 2008. I told all my doctors I will kill myself before I go back into one, and every GP and decent pdoc I’ve had has always agreed with me after seeing the records on my last psych ward stay where I was assaulted on the ward by a man when nurses didn’t do any checks like legally required. My GP in SD got them fined big time, she always had my back, i miss her but gotta say being able to have a therapist here in WI helps. My new pdoc is awesome, she just told me to call her if my hallucinations and voices get bad enough that I wanna try to go back on meds. But no AP since March, handling it pretty good i think. But never again will i go into a psych ward.

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I think I was 26 or 27 when I had my first psych ward stay.
For the past two-three years I’ve been in and out of hospitals every 3-4 months or so.

But before that, I managed on my own. But I did live in a group home for two years during my worst period.

2005 (my fourth time) to 2013 (my fifth time) = eight years
Last time I was in was this past year Feb

Never been admitted to hospital touch woods…

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I was first hospitalized in 2010, I think. Then, again in 2019. So, about 9 years between the two hospitalizations.

EDIT: Actually, I think the first one was in 2011. So, it was 8 years between.

Two years in total before last hospitalization

Last psych stay was mid winter 2017. Hooray for Skunky.

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