Whats the longest youve ever been without cutting hair or shaving?

Im going on 3-4 months now without cutting a single hair off my body. What about you?

I’ve had a beard for like 3 years now but I do trim it regularly. Back in the day when I had long hair I could go months without a cut but always shaved.

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I have short hair and I have a goatee but I trim it really short…you must be one hairy guy !! haha

A year I couldn’t be bothered with it.

There have been times that I have gone 3 months without a haircut, but I never go more than a week without either shaving or trimming back the stubble with clippers. I don’t think I’ve actually shaved since I quit the hospital two months ago, just been buzzing the stubble with my clippers. I hate shaving, though I love the way my face feels right after I do it.

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A year at least lol

I get my hair cut every 2 weeks.

I also shave every day

Please excuse the poor ignorant me, but… are you a guy or a girl (or non-binary), @Kazuma ?

I’m asking because … well… there are differences between males and females as regards body pilosities. Men have more hair, but also society tends to give them more leeway. Females are “supposed” to groom themselves more, starting with leg hair and ending with eyebrows… Of course, that is stereotyped thinking, I believe in freedom of choice and whatever floats your boat :slight_smile:

5 minutes…

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When I was healthier I had longer hair, now I cut them regularly because they are much easier to maintain but I don’t touch my beard often because it doesn’t get much dirt and oil.

I’m a girl. I always keep my leg hair so I’m warmer in the freezing wintertime. Also I already have a boyfriend so I don’t need to impress anyone. He doesn’t mind one little bit either, which is nice.

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Its been about 3 years since my last haircut and between 8 and 9 years since i shaved my face

I shave my armpits mostly regularly (and wish men would, too), but ignoring that, the longest I’ve gone is probably 2.5 years. I tend to chop all my hair off really short and then not cut it again until it gets stuck in my pants. Usually takes about 2 years now. And i don’t shave my legs because ■■■■ that and is blonde anyways.

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Other than as a child, only about 2 months

Im a guy and was born a dude. So yea i have this weird chin beard and goatee and hair that sort of covers my eyes if it isnt parted right lol

This is me now

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Are you going rastafarian by any chance. Rasta philosophy, they don’t shave their hair. I think long hair is cool, when I had longer hair someone said I should cut it because girls like short hair. I’m like, why would I do that just to earn girls’ approval. MY hair is a part of me and my personality, I’ll wear it proudly even if it doesn’t look socailly acceptable.


I haven’t had my hair cut for 7 years, it’s grown to about 2 feet long since I shaved my head :slight_smile:

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When I get my hair cut I tell the barber to cut it to 1/4 inch. Then I don’t get a haircut until my hair is a good 3 or 4 inches long. It takes about four or five months.

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Im going “i dont care,” look

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