What's the latest gossip today?

my friend and I went to the mall and bought scandalous clothing just to have it​:two_women_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands:

cool, I’m outdated. come visit.

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ooooooooooh girl!!!

I’m going to see magic mike xxl tonight

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ooooo sounds fun! hope you enjoy yourself haha

Im about to go down the street and buy a strawberry smoothie for lunch. Yummmo


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies At 55. :sob:


Tragic :person_frowning:

I changed my mind and went to Amy Winehouse

I was driving today. decided to make a left turn. then I crashed into a wall. I was playing a video game :smile:

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Susie Smiths boyfriend cheated on her with that cheerleader from that other high school. I also heard that Dave likes that blonde nerd from his English class.


Omg!! That’s not even something to smile about. But think it’s funny you are. Hope everything is ok.

Wow didn’t realise he’d cancer , he missed E3 this year , now we know why.

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Lol I said I was playing a video game… i turned left in the game and crashed into a wall :wink:

Oh, I thought that happened in real life, because you were playing and driving!

I saw terminator genesis at the movies today. It wasnt very good. Now im about to have a nap. Im tired

You mean bedtime? I saw amy Winehouse movie last night. That was good

Its 4 in the afternoon on wednesday here in australia. Im gonna have a nap before tea

I want to live there and drink tea by the sea :blush: it’s 12:49am here