What's the last thing you would tell people about something you did because of schizophrenia

You don’t have to out yourself about doing something illegal.

I called this guy who was in special forces because I thought he was going to out me for being a phony. I thought I saw him near where I live and I wanted to catch him lying about stalking me. I’m such an idiot.


I carried a dead rat around in my pocket for 2 weeks. It really got rancorous, but since I was psychotic at the time and hadn’t showered in a month I thought the smell was me!


Can’t tell you. :zipper_mouth_face:


Me too, my lips are sealed. Disaster memories!


The last thing I tell people about is not worth putting on a public forum.

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It’s way too shameful to say

Yeah actually I’d rather sent that memory to the bin

When i was psychotic, i used to buy the family packs of miniature pork pies and leave them in all the phone boxes for the local homeless. I thought i was doing them a favour. I also used to buy bottles of water so i could water the flowers in the town precinct at 2am in the morning. I pity the CCTV staff in the town now - probably wondering what the fck i was doing! haha

I actually made the e.t pc game… the one that amost killed the video game industry before it even really started… i signed kayne west to his first label… same with beiber… i feel terrible about that…i wrote jar jar binks into starwars via time travel because anakin skywalker was horribly written and acted… my bad…

And… it was indeed ME who stole the cookies from the cookie jar…


I can’t tell anyone what I used to do because of the bipolar aspect of my sza. That would just be too embarrassing.

I was locked up one time and they took me to the hospital, and a police officer was watching me and I thought he was there to arrest me so I called him in the room and admitted to murdering my old neighbor and burying her in the backyard cause that was what that whole trip was about. Me thinking I killed someone so I cracked when I saw him outside the room.

When he just looked at me and nodded and asked if I wanted the channel changed and didn’t put me in cuff’s I kind of got a little relieved, but not completely.

MInd you I never Murdered Anyone just what I was thinking in that Episode I had

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