What's the highest level math course you've completed?


Differential equations. It was very tough, and I am quite good at math, though I find it to be painfully boring. I was never so happy to get a B in a class.

For those unfamiliar with differential equations, or “diffy-q’s,” as we students often called it, it is an extension of calculus.

It involves enormous equations in which each term is like a mini calculus problem. Half of the battle was separation of variables, getting all the Y’s on one side of the equation, and all of the X’s on the other side.

I was a chemical engineering major my first two years of undergrad.


As high as I went was trig l and logarithms. Wish I could’ve finished my engineering degree. I thought trig was fun. In your chemical engineering class did you study specific heat?


Yeah, I only took a few actual chemical engineering classes, but I don’t remember what we talked about, just remember flow charts, formulas and spreadsheets. It was very math heavy; like I said above, I’m good at math but find it boring. Chemical engineering was terribly boring, just math with a chemistry background.

My first year was all prereqs; chem eng classes didn’t start until second year.

I do remember learning about specific heat in chemistry classes, though.

I remember in one of the men’s room stalls in the building for chemical engineering and chemistry, someone (a chemistry major, I’m sure) wrote “chemical engineer = plumber who knows the structure of benzene.” I thought it was pretty funny.


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