What's the hardest part of this illness for you?


Psychosis is the worst. Then it’s depression.


I can’t deal with surprises and the unexpected.


Being short in a tall world, metaphorically speaking


The med compliance and the major side effects of the AP meds.


Paranoia. I always feel like people are talking about me


So that we can increase torture for you


The hardest part for me - is not just the paranoia like most of us suffer from, but the realisation that i will never be able to settle down in a stable relationship with a woman. Im notoriously hard to handle when having an episode and im sure the Social Services would be all over me like flys if there are children involved.

When paranoid - i can get moody and confrontational and its ruined many a romance in the past. Which is a shame - cos im actually a lonely man most of the time and im sure a wife would improve my mental health. Maybe it isnt the Sz - maybe im just genuinly crap at relationships - but it definaltey screws up your chances of romance


I try to act normal in everyday life but it is very tiring.


If I had to choose one thing.

I guess its spelling it


hardest thing for me is command hallucinations telling me to humiliate myself and do damage to others property


Well right now my symptoms are well controlled with medication so the worst symptom I have right now is withdrawing from my loved ones. So I’m under stress and I tend to shut down, it’s sort of a precursor to worsening symptoms. I don’t like it, it’s like a looming dread feeling. I’m sure next week I’ll have a new complaint, it just never ends. Does it?


Loss of connection. Reading all your posts I understand a lot and feel more connected to you than I have anyone in years.


Long hours, low pay.

  • Thinking really badly about myself and fearing God might share that opinion.
  • Unpredictability. Fearing i might harm someone, even of im not normally aggressive.
  • Meds = loss of love and joy


Delusions/idea of reference
Facing ridicule and negative criticism from people who are ignorant about this illness


It’s Destroyed my life, I Never got a job, Just Stuck in Psych–wards </3 </3