What's the hardest part of this illness for you?


For how long you have been on meds. Were your symptomps sever?


I’ve been on meds since March 2018. When I had my 2nd psychotic episode in March I had one visual hallucination and after the episode I had many different delusions for 4 to 6 weeks. Once I snapped out of it, the delusions never returned. I don’t think my schizophrenia has ever bern severe as all I’ve had were delusions. I’ve had no symptoms since may.


Negative symptoms, cognitive decline, poverty, and past life memories.


I’m very similar to you. Started meds in March 2018. No hallucinations. 2 episodes


All parts are great


Im glad that your recovered. the reason im on meds for the sixth year is the late diagnose but there is a lot of improvement. I have visual hallucinations and I suffered delusions I wish I knew I was schizophrenic earlier. But since when you first started getting symptoms?


My first symptom was delusions in june 2017 when I had my first psychotic episode. After 3 weeks in hospital the delusions went away and I was fine for another 8 months until my 2nd psychotic episode in march 2018.


What meds are u on? I’m on 100mg of paliperidone reducing down to 50mg this month.


I’m on 80mg geodon. My doctor keeps trying to reduce it but I refuse.


Paranoia in the form of thought broadcasting and thought reception.


My experience with it has been infrequent but thought reception is not fun.


The cognitive decline is the worst part for me. It gets really bad when i don’t sleep well. Gets very hard to form sentences.


Sometimes it makes me dehydrated. It’s a bit*h.


The hardest thing about being ill, is not feeling sorry for myself.


80mg per day is probably equivalent to around 6 plus mg of invega daily. i wish my Doctor would try to get me onto a lower dose. She just wants me to stay on meds forever. Why are you refusing to lower the dose? You should test the waters and see if any symptoms come back on the low dose. If they don’t then maybe like me you can eventually come off medication.


I’m to fearful of another psychosis to reduce. Thats just me though. I’m fine with being on geodon forever.


@Pianogal, Where does your neurologist get off making psychiatric diagnoses? That’s for your psychiatrist to handle.


I agree. But neurologists tend to think they know everything. He doesn’t know my background or experiences. He didn’t have my mental health history. He asked me what my reason for an antipsychotic was, and I told him sz. He said just meeting me he could tell I didn’t have it. I was too normal. And he promptly diagnosed me with intrusive thoughts and OCD- without a history.


Losing my career as a pilot was the worst. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of it.

As far as symptoms go it’s definitely dealing with the negatives and having no emotions.

It used to be paranoia though.


Intrusive thoughts, paranoia, threatening voice, feeling physically unwell