What's the hardest part of this illness for you?


Fear of returning symptoms. I actually have zero schizophrenia symptoms whilst on meds.


I agree with this 1000%! This along with many other parts of the illness suffocates me and causes me consistent distress.


I absolutely know how you feel!


Shutting myself off from the real world when I become distracted by voices and hallucinations that aren’t real.


I know that one well too.
It’s not great.


It’s not easy to pinpoint but just imagining how bad it might become is my worst one. Too. So so so so so sad and scary!


The hardest part for me is when I forget my Sz label and try to fit in with the other people.


Seeing small hallucinations like when i see spiders or like a centipede crawling up my arm and my tactile hallucinations reinforcing them making it worse


Gnostic religion anyone got any info abt it


Google Gnosticism.


The financial cost and the damage it has done over the years


Paranoia for me too.


Not being able to do the things I used to do. Like drive, help more around the house and go out without so much dang anxiety.


Seems like we have free will, and the universe doesn’t seem deterministic to man, though I imagine God is omniscient enough to predetermine all possibilities even with a multiverse.


I dreamt Armageddon.


Sooooooooo Sooop ■■■■■■


I completely agree. I use to be smart I got an a minus in college physics now I suck at math I always need a calculator even for basic math.

I hate feeling so dumb


I dreamt Armageddon and in this non gnostic reality. I didnt feel dumb but more woke if that makrs sense… No candles para me porque yo becomez moy loca y Diablo.


The hardest part for me is that I have to cope with fear every day.


It’s the delusions and the avolition. Always endure the same day and life for years to the retirement or death of the parents. Thinking about what happens when my parents both no longer live comes in third place.