What's the difference between voices and conversation that didn't happen

So I hear a lot of people talk about hearing voices. I’ve only seldom heard voices from God. Also once felt I was communicating with people in my mind. But what would happen the most is I would hear and make up conversation with people in person and on the phone ,and hear them say things they really didn’t say ,which was usually always very negative or potentially harmful. So do you think this is hearing voices, does anyone experience this. I always thought I never heard voices because I really thought these people said these things. Until I was in court and they played the 911 call that I had called in. But of course I accused them of cutting things out of the tape. Seems so real always told the pdoc I never heard voices. Any one else have this?

Well this is just terminology, but this would be considered delusion. Delusions are like stories, and they can be about anything. Hearing voices in the present would be called a hallucination. But I do have this symptom you experience. Many times I feel not just confused I feel like there are layers of confusion I’m caught in, and I wonder how i don’t collapse.

So you would say I don’t hear voices ,but have delusions about my conversation? Sometimes it seems like real time other times i think I twist it after the conversation is over.

Yeah that seems most likely, but like I personally have memory issues. Don’t know what your memory’s like. So maybe you’re forgetful about this.

I find this information interesting (from Wikipedia):

Internalization of the inner voice

The internalization process of the inner voice is the process of creating an inner voice during early childhood, and can be separated into four distinct levels.

Level one (external dialogue) involves the capacity to maintain an external dialogue with another person, i.e. a toddler talking with their parent(s).

Level two (private speech) involves the capacity to maintain a private external dialogue, as seen in children voicing the actions of play using dolls or other toys, or someone talking to themselves while repeating something they had written down.

Level three (expanded inner speech) is the first internal level in speech. This involves the capacity to carry out internal monologues, as seen in reading to oneself, or going over a list silently.

Level four (condensed inner speech) is the final level in the internalization process. It involves the capacity to think in terms of pure meaning without the need to put thoughts into words in order to grasp the meaning of the thought.

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Very informative.

Maybe sz is an overactive expansion of inner speech (third tier). My sz often prevents me from functioning at the fourth tier, which was my primary mode of…well, living lol, for most of my life.

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