Whats the difference between denial and lack of insight?

My CPN thinks I’m in denial about this illness as a sort of self-protection. I think all the times I’ve had episodes I’ve been drunk but he says he’s seen me genuinely unwell when sober. I think I faked it all which he says I couldn’t off.

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I’m not 100% sure but I think with denial deep down you know. With lack of insight, you don’t know at all.


I had some kinds of denial. I knew I had sz, didn’t deny that, but I didn’t care which could be considered denial of its importance. Although it could have been negative symptoms such as apathy and amotivation (i cant recall the word for lack of motivation). But lack of insight and denial are definitely different but not mutually exclusive. Someone with lack of insight will be in denial but denial doesnt necessarily cause lack of insight.

Forgot to answer the question… In my opinion the difference between denial and lack of insight is for one thing denial is an ego defence mechanism so it is a rationalization that causes you to find other explanations for your behavior, minimize it, be dishonest to chabge others perceptions etc. Lack of insight is a symptom of sz and is a cignitive deficit that prevents you from understanding your illness

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