What's the difference between conservative and liberal for us with sz

hi. what are our rights especially in the workplace according to each, the conservatives and the liberals. does anyone here know this stuff? i am wondering…

thanks, judy

We aren’t allowed to discuss politics on this forum as it might agitate other posters.

I would think your workplace rights would be a matter of law as established by legal precedent? Politics shouldn’t really enter into the discussion.


Some polite banter is fine, it’s just when things get to the stage where both camps are yelling “YOU SUCK!” at each other, there’s a problem. Best to confine that sort of thing to The Lounge.

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thanks for explaining that to me. i appreciate it.


I work for the city… and the city has a strong union… they are NOT allowed to discriminate as long as the person is fit for the job. I was hired through a city program trying to vocationally rehab people… so the city KNOW’s about me… but not allowed to discriminate as long as I do my job… and fulfill the required task.

Private sector might be different… and individual companies are different too. If there is a job you are going after… I wouldn’t disclose the Sz… but I would ask the H.R. dept about worker rights… sick leave… family leave… other things like that.