What's the craziest Thing you have done when paranoid?

I legally changed my name and moved to a different town.


I bought a handgun - a .22 automatic. (This was before the five day waiting period was instituted.) I wasn’t going to walk into a crowd and open up, or anything like that, but if someone had walked up behind me on a dark night I might have turned around and shot them.

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doesn’t sound that crazy

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I guess the time I was riding a city bus and I thought the bus driver was going to kidnap everybody on the bus and kill them. Something like that had been in the news shortly before this. So I got off of the bus in the middle of nowhere and walked several miles back home.

I paid a taxi to take me to D.C. all the while knowing I was headed for NC. I told her the plan changed halfway there. Upon arrival I hopped a razor wire fence @ music venue for cover, it was 3am, closed and empty. I was cuffed and thrown in the back of an unlocked squad car. I escaped quietly and whistled and laughed at the cops that were baffled and amused by my previous stunt. I didn’t run, I just stood there smiling. They threw me back in the locked car and promptly brought me in. It took them forever to book me. They even had 2 SHERIFFS, one on both sides of me while cuffed to the bench, guard me for the 8+hrs I sat there.
Hunger strike and fear of deck revolt left me in SC for the remainder of my stay. 40 days total. No meds.
Taxi trip - $600
Fines - $300
Experience - priceless

Later that year Jane’s Addiction dropped “The Great Escape Artist” and of course I thought it was a reference to me. Still unsure though I do not know the band.

No drugs were involved.

When I’m not well I always think I’ll change my name and move miles away - my family give my grounding - they say who are you running from - I say THEM - and they say WHO ARE THEY - and to be honest I don’t have a clue why I want to run or who I’m running from - other than the fact I HAVE PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA and it’s normal apparently.

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Craziest thing I ever did was…hmm…probably the time I dated an asexual girl. But I had no clue she was asexual. That’s not it.

The time I got arrested wasn’t that crazy, pills and drink in that quantity do that ■■■■ to normal people.

Probably when I ran FAST for about an hour after not sleeping or eating for like 12 hours. Or the time I tore a lower abdomen while squatting. Or maybe the time I drank literally well over a gallon of liqueur and then projectile vomited, then drank more. Or maybe the time I…■■■■ it I haven’t done anything that crazy.

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I never had paranoia,but when I was psychotic I talked strange stuff according to my parent,and I was building tension around my family

I accused these 2 guys I was with in a Restaurant of drugging my drink - I called the cops on them and made a big scene.
It turned out to be not true - Man that was embarrasing


I used to stack furniture in odd places before I left the house and I would stack plates and other things on the window sills every time before I left the house.

I did it as a way to prove to myself that people were breaking in when I left.

I would drive the longest possible route to places because I was sure I was being followed in my car. So I would make a lot of turns… back track… stuff like that.

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I was out walking at like 3AM in the morning. The voices had a hold on me that day last year.

This past January I escaped from the psych ward on a smoke break. I hopped in a cab and drove to Parliament Hill here in Canada. I had 5 gifts I wanted to give to our Prime Minister…

  1. A card with hearts on it for our Veterans.

  2. A lock with a combination number of 911 for the young men of this country.

  3. An orange for UNICEF (nothing rhymes with orange…every child is unique)

  4. My ballcap on which I had written Captain Stubing…to give to the World Health Organization

  5. A lock a homeless girl patient gave to me…for all of the women of the world.

The policeman at the roadblock stopped me and told me he wasn’t allowed to accept any gifts on our Prime Minister’s behalf, so I jumped back in the taxi with all of my stuff and returned to the hospital.

Never told my doc about that one…


when I thought that there were micro cameras that had a lens the size of a pinhole I took a hammer to the whole wall from top to bottom of a bathroom wall that I was renting because I thought there HAD to be a camera somewhere.

When I told the helicopter next to my window on the fifth floor to ■■■■ off and I don’t give a ■■■■ if they shoot me dead thru a Facebook post. Also the same night when I told M from James bond movie that I can be the next 007 and help save the world. Also pointing middle fingers to the snipers across the building.

Freshmen year of high school in math class I got up, threw my pencil across the room and yelled get away from me at a visual hallucination in front of the whole class. Another instance a few weeks later while being escorted to the nurses office I was hiding in the stairwells and behind the different display cases saying people were following me during school. Took a normal 2 minute walk about 7 minutes. This caused a rumor around school that a actively took LSD before my classes for about a year :confused: .

that is a good one…lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

i would rather forget.
too many to mention… :blush:
take care :alien:

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Wish I didn’t have such a good memory of the past either.

Some of it still is funny to me, not to those involved tho.


@SurprisedJ, your post reminded me of when I got stuck involuntarily in the hospital in a room with 3 beds-but no room mates.
I was not happy, so to show my displeasure,
I turned every piece of furniture in the room upside down (and those beds are HEAVY!) without anyone noticing until much later.

Didn’t think it was such a bad thing,
but boy was I wrong.

I’m too embarrassed to say the MOST paranoid thing while psychotic, but I’ll tell this story about PCP-induced paranoia: I smoked boat (weed & PCP) once, and I was seeing trails from my TV. I got so paranoid that because it was a blue screen, I thought it meant the “men in blue” (AKA the cops) were watching me remotely that I ran and hid under my bed for 5 hours. First and last experience with PCP.

boat is not the same as weed…
Pcp is designed to make you psychotic