Whats the best way to treat the corona virus

In alternative ways?
What can I do to prepare
If you were able to create the best regimen period!!!
Or anybody else that would add on!


Scroll down the page for advice.

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Same way you treat any virus. Rest at home, drink plenty of fluids, take tylenol/ibuprofen if you get a fever. The flu is more lethal than Corona. Unless you are over the age of 60, are immunocompromised or have an underlying respiratory/cardiac condition you only have something like a .9% chance of dying from it. Don’t listen to fear mongering media.


3 Simple Tips:
Wash your hands
Isolate yourself
Kiss your ass goodbye


I don’t want to mis-speak about Novel Coronavirus treatment, but I do have some kind of backup plan in the event that the medical system is overloaded and my parents (god forbid) get the illness in a bad way.

It has to do with Glycyrrhizin (a potent antiviral that works against SARS and HIV) and Vitamin C IVs, with a Potassium drink to replenish the lost Potassium from the Glycyrrhizin.

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