What's the best way to develop relationship skills?

We have some psych majors anyone know what is the best way to go about developing relationship skills?? i guess probably to just be active and try to do some social things BUT meeting the right people that like you and bond with you is difficult. Any thoughts?

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How to Improve Your Social Skills and Make Friends :soccer:



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The psychiatric treatment center that I used to work for had an Adult Day Training program that taught social/relationship skills.

Maybe you can check your local day centers to see if there are any such programs in your area.

I know it really helped our patients.



I ended up in a day hospital and they taught me how to apply for a job and do a job interview and how to be social and pick up on some non-spoken cues.

For me it’s just getting over my self-consciousness and trying to swallow my panic and say Hi.
I can read a lot of books, but it’s hard approaching people. But I just have to do it sometimes. I have to tell myself it won’t be that bad. They aren’t out to hurt me.

So far I’ve been Ok. When people do react poorly I have to step back and realize that they don’t even know me. So why am I so upset by them. I’ll never see them again.

If you can survive family… strangers are easy I’m coming to find.

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Perhaps of help - just some resources I found via google (searching for “online social skills course”




Get in one. Hopefully with someone who simply likes you and you like them. My problem for the past several years is that I’m too picky. If a potential friend offends me at the beginning of a friendship then I back away and get out of the relationship. It’s my ego, thinking I should get nothing but respect, which is unrealistic. Which is very hard. I’m working on it too.
There’s a change in society I noticed since I was 17 and had a few friends and acquaintances. The cliche used to be that guys wanted a friend TO DO STUFF with. While girls wanted a friend just to TALK. It’s a little over-generalization but it seemed to be true to a degree when I was growing up. Now roles can be mixed.


As far as I know, the best way to pick up some good social skills is getting close to someone who has a good repertoire of relationship skills, and then do what they do. Note the difference in your social behavior, social perception or social judgement and ask yourself if that one has a higher survival value. Can I do that? Motivate yourself to do a little bit each time. U will have a lot of chance to shape up pro social behavior in that way.