Whats the best thing that happened in your life?

Whats the best thing that happened in your life ? I will think about my own , maybe get some thoughts as i read your answer

Maybe that i was born

I appriciate life


I really don’t know maybe me being born because life is precious.

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I recently discovered my purpose in life.
My purpose is, if healthy and as much as possible, try to follow Jewish religious law.
This is my purpose, and I sincerely hope you find your own purpose.

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What about chess? Do you still play ?

@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro yes I play.

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Good chess is cool

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@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro I also started playing Tetris, drawing my inspiration from this forum.


Cool i think to practice tetris for 5 hours tommorow ,

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I need to get better somewhere i find i can get better in games in my life from things that is possible and i enjoy

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I played a lot of tetris in the 1990s, specifically between 1993 and 1996. It was around the same time that I started learning geometry at school and tetris has probably helped in that respect.

Now, for the main question. The best thing that happened in my life so far was surviving psychosis. I know it doesn’t sound like much but I was really wacko back then and I put myself in some dangerous situations… but luckily I got out of it unruffled. Also, that experience helped me appreciate life more, reconnect with my family, find out who my true friends are etc.

My children. Followed by two friends in particular.

My medication working so well for me

Best thing was meeting my wife… it was totally random

Probably curing myself from DP/DR. It was pure luck. Time heals all they say. Being on the best medication regime, quitting Monster drinks, and becoming a Christian. Sorry I couldn’t list just one thing.

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