Whats the best environment for a sz to live in


Best environment? Shopping mall so long as you’re on the inside and the zombies are on the outside. Just gotta hope a biker gang doesn’t come along and wreck things (also, keep the chopper fueled).



I thankfully have some of those things you are looking for @Boogaloo I had to wait until that right opportunity found me. The waiting was difficult sometimes but a small town environment with my dad and a close aunt and one of my best cousins in close walking distance was the best thing I could do for myself. Library. Grocery. A lake with a park. Walking trails. State Park. Therapist. Churches. Movie theater. I only share this because it was scary at first but I quickly learned to love it. My place is super tiny but my basic needs are met and there is a little money left over for entertainment. Best wishes.




I have heard people are more likely to get diagnosed living in a city so it can not be good for your mental health. I am quite lucky where I live in a mixture of country and coast, but it gets way too busy here in the summer.


Support is good for schizophrenia. Family, friends, decent living space. Cities can be toxic for even normal people these days so anywhere low stress can only help. I like a good neighbourhood where I can walk or run during that day without hassles. That is important to me!


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